Thank you for the training this weekend. It was one of the best trainings I have been a part of in terms of practicality and application to not just my work but life overall. I really enjoyed your teaching and the one on one time you used to make sure we had the best learning environment. I can’t say enough good things about the content and delivery you gave us this weekend.
— Kyle, Texas Parks and Wildlife, 2018
When I have on my own tried to incorporate [the Open Standards]...into my grant applications, I have significantly increased my success.
— Caleb, the first formally trained herpetologist in Ghana, 2017
Fabulous facilitator
— Participant in a 2015 San Clemente Island workshop
Awesome workshop. This will be very useful to me in the future.
— Cord, Associate professor at Lorado College, 2018
Thank you so much – y’all were excellent and I’m so grateful for the opportunity
— Mandy, Texas rancher, 2018
The workshop exceeded my expectations
— Richard, Director of the James G. Teer Conservation Leadership Institute, 2018
The coach took the time to explain, demonstrate, and assist in the application of the concepts, making the process more approachable and fun.
— Benjamin, Graduate Student, 2018
I really enjoyed this process. My brain hurts, but I feel good!
— Annonymous, Graduate Student, 2018
I love that the workshop taught us about the OS framework such that we can apply it in our work, as opposed to just learning a theoretical set of principles
— Annonymous, Graduate Student, 2018
I think Open Standards is an essential tool for conservation biologists
— Faculty Member, IKIAM University Ecuador, 2017
The workshop was amazing!
— Undergraduate Student, IKIAM University Ecuador, 2017