NaturePlan offers a variety of training workshops that utilize hands-on learning to teach participants how to apply adaptive management principles to develop strategic plans and improve the success of their conservation programs. We also work with teams to customize workshops to achieve other, specific deliverables. Workshop topics include:

  • Introduction to the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (typically 2-3 days).
  • Theory of change development for existing projects and plans.
  • Writing grants using the Open Standards framework. 
  • Leadership Training in Program Management
  • Personal and Professional Strategic Plan Development


One or more NaturePlan coaches will assist your team in creating an adaptive conservation or management with appropriate measures of success. Our participation can be arranged to best meet your team's needs, and may include mentoring, facilitation, plan review, and document writing.

On-Demand consultation

We can provide on-demand strategic planning services, including:

  • Document review (e.g. management plan, grant proposal);
  • Participation in strategic planning conference calls;
  • Review of success measures and monitoring plans;
  • Personal and Professional Strategic Plan Mentoring.